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26 Sep
The Comedian's-eye View of 09/27/00

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Excerpted-from: 09/27/00 -- ShopTalk

                      Wednesday September 27, 2000

           "A brouhaha has erupted, as brouhahas are wont
            to do, over a controversial handshake between
            Castro and President Clinton. A move that
            angered anti-Castro factions who believe
            Communism is transmissible through skin contact."

                            -- Jon Stewart


United Airlines representatives held a two- hour labor talk with 25,000
flight attendants in Chicago yesterday.  Unfortunately, not much was settled
during the meeting with the attendants as most of it was spent saying
"hello" and "bye-bye."  (Voldseth)

Baggage handlers for United Airlines' baggage system at Denver International
Airport went on strike today.  Apparently the airline was prepared for the
strike (because)--after the workers walked out, United was back to crushing
and losing suitcases within minutes. (Voldseth)

For those who might not know it, Sydney is 18 hours ahead of us here on
the west coast.  Just to put that into perspective, in Australia, Greg,
Sean, Rudy, Sue, Kelly, and Richard have already slipped into obscurity.

Drug problems overshadowed the Olympics a bit more Monday.  Because of four
failed drug tests over the summer, U.S. shotputter C.J. Hunter can no longer
officially coach Marion Jones -- his wife!  Does this mean they have to
sleep in separate beds until next Monday? (Richard Burkard/

Bruce Coslet has quit as coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. Word is he may
seek a career change. He wants to work in professional football. (Ray)

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