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26 Sep
LIT BITS V3 #270

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Excerpted-from: LITERARY CALENDAR V3 #270

Today is Wednesday, 27 September 2000; on this day,

300 years ago (1700),

     William Congreve (_The Way of the World_) writes a married lady-friend:
     "For my part I keep the Commandments, I love my neighbour as my selfe,
     and to avoid Coveting my neighbour's wife I desire to be coveted by
     her; which you know is quite another thing."

208 years ago (1792),

     English caricaturist and illustrator George Cruikshank is born in
     London. His colored etchings will enliven Dickens' _Sketches by Boz_
     and later works.

73 years ago (1927),

     In St. Abbondio, Switzerland, Hugo Ball, a founder of the Dada
     movement, dies. Apart from his connection to the movement, he is also
     known for an early critical biography of German novelist Hermann Hesse.

Today's poem:

           A Hue and Cry after Fair Amoret

     Fair Amoret is gone astray
     Pursue and seek her, ev'ry lover;
     I'll tell the signs by which you may
     The wand'ring Shepherdess discover.

     Coquette and coy at once her air,
     Both studied, tho' both seem neglected;
     Careless she is, with artful care,
     Affecting to seem unaffected.

     With skill her eyes dart ev'ry glance,
     Yet change so soon you'd ne'er suspect them,
     For she'd persuade they wound by chance,
     Tho' certain aim and art direct them.

     She likes herself, yet others hates
     For that which in herself she prizes;
     And, while she laughs at them, forgets
     She is the thing hat she despises.

                                            William Congreve

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