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18 Feb
Internet Index #17

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Subject: Internet Index #17

                               The Internet Index
                                   Number 17
                         Inspired by "Harper's Index"*
                 Compiled by Win Treese (
                                15 February 1997

Number of times President Clinton mentioned the Internet in the 1997
	Statue of the Union address: 6
Number of times he mentioned it in the 1996 address: 0
Number of State of the Union addresses carried live on the Internet: 1

Percent change in Hambrecht & Quist's Internet stock index for 1996: -16

Percentage of domain registrations required to pay for the service that
	have done so: 51.1

Approximate number of new domain name registrations, per month: 85,000

Rank of Ford among Web advertisers, in estimated dollars spent, August,
	1996: 18
Rank of Microsoft: 1

Number of people who worked on the NFL's Super Bowl Web site: 35

Number of entries in Boardwatch magazine's Directory of Internet Service
	Providers (ISPs): 3,068
Average number of customers at an ISP: 1,850

Number of "Internet search engines" ordered to remove references to a
	domain name as a result of a trademark lawsuit: 25

Number of Boston Public Library branches: 26
Percentage connected to the Internet: 100

Number of new top-level domain names to be added for the Internet: 7

Approximate number of entries in the 1996 Directory of Electronic
	Journals, Newsletters and Academic Discussion Lists: 1,700

Number of colleges and universities which are charter members of the
	Internet II project: 98

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