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18 May
Some BONG Bull

Date: Thu, 18 May 95 15:09:33 PDT
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HEADS WILL ROLL. Doug MacKay, editor-in-chief at the Daily News, Halifax
( relates, "At the Winnipeg Free Press in
the 1970s, there was a rough and ready sports deskman named Dallis Beck.
Harold Ballard, the controversial owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs, was
on trial for his financial shenanigans. On the wintry day after Ballard
testified in his own defence, Beck headed the story: "Hark, the angel
Harold sings."
     -- Dennis Rogers at the Raleigh News & Observer
( said, "This came from...well, I shouldn't say but
what the hell, it was in the Charlotte (N.C.) Observer back in the early
70s. A school board member named William Booe had some harsh words for
his fellow members who in turn, let him have it right back. The next
day, the Big O's hed was: "Booe Boos Board, Board Boos Booe Back.
     Next to the hed on the story when the UNC Tarheel swimmers defeated
the University of South Carolina Gamecocks and the hed read, "Heels Sink
Cocks In Meet."
     --  Jim Trageser ( advises, "It's
amazing how much difference a missing 'r' can make in a headline. The
May 30, 1991 North County Blade-Citizen food section featured this gem,
"Well-stocked panty important to good, easy meals."
     -- Gary Nelson ( assistant city editor at
the Mail Tribune in Medford, Ore., declares, "Some night sports desker
at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer had fun with this one, over a short
story about the University of Washington tuning up for a game with
Oregon State:  "Huskies hot for Beavers."  Those hapless Beavs come in
for a lot of grief.
     And there may be a sports desker at the Yakima (Wash.) Herald-
Republic who still has a photocopy of this one in his desk drawer. It
ran over a story some years back when Mario Andretti finally won the
Indy 500 after years of trying: "Mrs. Andretti cries at climax."


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