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American Banjo Camp

Banjo Class Levels

The banjo tracks are divided into two basic genres (bluegrass or old-time, e.g. Scruggs or clawhammer) and four levels from beginner to advanced. Specifically, the levels are:

Novice Level

We feature a series of classes and jam sessions specifically designed for newcomers to the instrument, taught primarily by our beginners' specialists in both Old-Time and Bluegrass, and supplemented by our regular instructors, world-renowned masters. We firmly believe that merely having the opportunity to hear and observe master players at close quarters provides sufficient inspiration to keep beginners firmly committed to progressing on the instrument for months or even years to come!

Lower Intermediate Level

Our lower intermediate track is for students who are beyond the novice stage but still need a lot of technical help on a variety of fronts, such as efficient left-hand and right-hand techniques, building up speed and power, achieving good timing, basic song and tune arranging, and so on. Estimated playing experience required: 6 months to 2 years.

Upper Intermediate Level

The upper intermediate track is for students who can play pretty well at a basic level, but are looking to expand their horizons and increase their repertoires and playing efficiency. It is also designed to help playing sound more "authentic" and professional. Estimated playing experience required: 18 months to 3 years.

Advanced Level

The advanced track is for those who can already play up to (or close to) speed, but who are looking to grow further as musicians through learning from some of the world's best players. Estimated playing experience required: 3-4 years and up.

Fiddle and Guitar Class Levels

There is only one option per class session in fiddle and guitar, so instruction aims at a level comfortable to players whose skills are intermediate and up. Note that we do not offer entry-level courses in these instruments.

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