NAME:                                      Mail to:  P.S.G.W.
                                                      P. O. BOX 896
 STREET ADDRESS:                                      BELLINGHAM, WA



 |_| Session One:   29 July   -  4 August
 |_| Session Two:    5 August - 11 August
 |_| Session Three: 12 August - 18 August

   If the session I have chosen is full, I wish to:
   |_| be wait-listed for my session
   |_| try for Session _______.
   |_| be put on the shortest wait-list.
   |_| have my deposit returned.

 |_| I haven't attended PSGW before.
 |_| Please send me a scholarship application.
 |_| I can't attend this year, but please add my name
     to next year's mailing list

 COMMENTS OR SPECIAL NEEDS (e.g. vegetarian): ____________________




 I enclose $________ Tuition Deposit ($200 per person per session)
                                        ($775 balance due at camp)
 I enclose $________ in addition to my deposit as a tax-deductible
                                   contribution to PSGW. (Thanks!)
 Total is  $________ (U.S. funds please!)


Advance registration is required to attend camp. No guests or visitors, please.

Registration begins officially on March 15th (Et tu, Brute?). Any registrations received before that date will be held and processed then. After that date, registrations will be processed (and receipts sent) as they are received.

Tuition, Room, & Board: Total camp cost is $975 per session (all dollar amounts are in U. S. funds). A deposit of $200 reserves a space. The balance is due on arrival at camp.

Payment should be by check or money order, we cannot accept credit cards or Paypal.

Refunds of $150 will be given for cancellations prior to July 4 and of $75 for cancellations between July 4 and two days before the session starts. No refunds will be given after that time. Of course, if we have to refuse your registration at any time (e.g. for lack of space), your entire deposit will be returned.

Scholarships of up to two-thirds of tuition are available for students who couldn't afford to attend otherwise. A completed registration with full deposit is required to receive a scholarship application form (check the appropriate box on your registration to get a form). Your entire deposit will be returned and your registration voided if we can't offer you a scholarship. Completed scholarship applications must be received by June 1.

Our scholarship program is supported by donation. We wish to thank the many individuals whose contributions have helped make scholarships possible. If you would like to become one of the people we thank, simply include some extra funds in your check and mention your gift on the registration form.

Puget Sound Guitar Workshop is a camp for adults of all ages but please consult with us by phone or e-mail prior to registering adults under age 18.

All registration requests must be accompanied by a deposit ($200 per person per session) made payable to “Puget Sound Guitar Workshop”

Mail registration and payment to:
  P. O. BOX 896
  BELLINGHAM  WA  98227-0896

Sorry, we cannot accept credit card or Paypal payments. Email registrations are processed when the deposit is received.

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