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Summer 2002 Teachers & Classes

PSGW 2002 TEACHERS Session 1
Cary BlackBeginning Upright Bass (1-2)Swing Bass (3)
Brian ButlerBeginning Blues (2-3)Intermediate Blues (3-4)
Connie DoolanBeginning Voice Technique (1-2)Intermediate Voice Technique (2-4)
Marie EatonSongwriter's Tool Box (1-2)Fine Tuning Your Tunes (2-4)
Jack HansenBeatles (1-3)Swing Comping (3-4)
Wayne HendersonBeginning Finger-Flatpicking (3)Advanced Finger-Flatpicking (4)
Irene HerrmannBeginning Mandolin (1-2)Mandolin Orchestra (2-4)
Kent HillmanBeginning with Fingerpicking (2)Fingerstyle Accompaniment (3)
Ed JohnsonMulti-Part Vocal Harmony (2-4)The Secret Life Of Chords (2-4)
Lorraine Lee-HammondLap Harps and Hog Fiddles - Beginning Fretted Dulcimer (1-2)Can You Really Do That On A Dulcimer? (2-4)
Eddie PenningtonThumbpicking (3)Thumbpicking (4)
Tom RawsonInstigator 
Crystal ReevesBeginning Guitar (1)Introduction to the Flat Pick (2)
Rick RuskinStepping Stones (3)Takin' It To The Street (4)
Jennifer ScottSwing Vocals (2-4)Stagecraft (3-4)
Pam VellutiniAfro-Cuban Drumming (1-2)Afro-Cuban Drumming (2-3)
Joe VinikowSwing For Folkies (3)Cocktail Guitar (3-4)
Helen WhiteBeginning Fiddle (1-2)Intermediate Fiddle (2-3)
Radim ZenklCamp instrumentalist 
PSGW 2002 TEACHERS Session 2
Velzoe BrownInstigator 
Barry CrannellBegining Fingerpicking (2)Accompaniment for Singers/Songwriters (2-3)
Paul ElliotCamp instrumentalist 
Hilary FieldMusic Theory (2-3)Classical Technique (2-4)
George KahumokuBeginning Slack Key (2-3)Intermediate Slack Key (3-4)
John KnowlesBeginning Guitar (1)Nashville Fingerstyle (4)
Tony MarcusSwing Rhythm (3)Chord Melody (3-4)
Kristina OlsenTone Production (3-4)Slide Guitar (2-3)
Steve PalazzoDissecting the Good Doctor (2)Plays Well with Others (3)
Cliff PerrySinging Old Time (1-3)Simply Picking Melody (3)
Ron PetersBeyond I-IV-V (2-4)Advanced Swing Guitar (3)
Faith PetricInstigator 
Greg ScottSongwriting Workshop (1-4)Songs I Wish I'd Written (1-4)
Laura SmithHula (?)Campfire Favorites (1-3)
Susan StreitwieserBeginning Voice (1-2)Vocal Troubleshooting (2-3)
Alice StuartBlues Guitar (2-3)Blues Guitar (3-4)
Linda WaterfallSongwriting and Music Theory (2-4)Creating a Vocal Arrangement (2-4)
Sean WilliamsIndonesian Gamelan (1-3)Indonesian Gamelan (2-4)
Rene WorstIntro to String Bass (1-2)Bass (2-4)
PSGW 2002 TEACHERS Session 3
William CoulterBegining Fingerstyle (2)Celtic Guitar (2-4)
Nova DevonieInstigator 
Kathleen FallonSing Me A Swing Song (2-3)Dobro Intro (1-2)
Cathy FinkEveryone Can Sing (1-2)Songwriting (1-3)
Chris GramppIntro to Swing (3)Advanced soloing: swing and beyond (4)
Clive GregsonA Song A Day (1-4)Song Accompaniment for Guitarists (2-3)
Piper HeisigUnobtrusive Percussion (1-3)Vocal Performance (1-3)
Paul KotapishFlatpicked Tunes (2-4)Celtic Mandolin (2-4)
Peter LangstonLearn to Play the Guitar in 3 Minutes! (1)Party Guitar (1-3)
Marcy MarxerBeginning Flatpicking (2)Flatpick Accompaniment (3)
James MasonCamp instrumentalist 
Debby McClatchyRoots of Old-Time Music (1-4)Banjo Accompaniment (2-4)
Carol McCombOld-time, Bluegrass, and Country Repertoire (2-4)Beyond I-IV-V (2-4)
Edson OliveiraBrazilian Guitar I (3)Brazilian Guitar II (4)
Stacy PhillipsKlezmer Band (3-4)Lap Slide Guitar (3-4)
Ray PiperBrasilian Guitar (3-4)Swing Guitar Comping (4)
Mark SimosTunesmithery (2-4)Guitar Accompaniment of Celtic Music (2-3)
Paul TaylorThe Lagerphone and the Australian Folk Tradition (1-3)Didjeridoo/Didgeridoo/Didjeridu/Yidaki (1-3)
Sue ThompsonHigher Secrets of Harmony Singing (3-4)Rhythm Slaves Unite! (3)
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Advance registration is required (no guests or visitors, please). Registrations will be processed (and receipts sent) as they are received.

Total cost (tuition + room + board) for a session is $675 (in U.S. funds). A deposit of $200 (U.S. funds) reserves a space. The balance is due on arrival at camp.

Refunds of $150 will be given for all cancellations prior to July 4 and of $75 for cancellations between July 4 and two days before your session starts. No refunds will be given for cancellations or "no shows" after that time. Of course, if we have to refuse your registration (e.g. due to lack of space), your entire deposit will be returned.

Scholarships are available for up to half of the cost for anyone who couldn't afford camp without a scholarship. A completed preregistration with a full deposit is required to receive a scholarship application form (check the appropriate box on your registration). Your entire deposit will be returned and your registration voided if we can't offer you a scholarship. Completed scholarship application forms must be received by May 1.

Puget Sound Guitar Workshop is a camp for adults of all ages, but please consult with us by phone prior to registering any adults under age 18.

Our scholarship program is supported by donation. We wish to thank the many individuals whose contributions have helped make scholarships possible. If you would like to become one of the people we thank, simply include some extra funds in your check and mention it on the registration form (and thanks).


All registration requests must be accompanied by a deposit ($200 per person per session) payable to "Puget Sound Guitar Workshop." Sorry, we cannot accept e-mail or fax registrations.


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