How to Turn Off HTML Encoding in E-Mail

Here's how to turn HTML encoding off in various e-mail programs.

Microsoft Outlook Express for Windows | Microsoft Outlook for Windows NT | Microsoft Outlook 97 for anything | Netscape Navigator or Communicator | Eudora Pro


Sending your email encoded as HTML not only wastes bandwidth (i.e. goes slower and clogs up your hard disk and your correspondent's hard disk), but it may also make your message look like complete gibberish if your correspondent doesn't use the same kind of mail reader that you do.

If you really need to be changing fonts in your message, you should probably use the well-established MIME encoding rather than HTML (which was designed for text linking, like on web pages).

Unfortunately, there's a bug in some mail programs that turns on HTML encoding without being asked to. This means you can send people gibberish without even knowing it.

Using the step-by-step procedures described above should turn off this unwanted encoding. If you have information about a mail program that's not described above, please send it to me ( ) and I'll add the information to this page.

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