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Country, Rock, & Swing with an Urban Twist

 ... Come dance in the moonlight ...
Metro Luna is a Seattle-based band that plays a mix of Country, Rock, and Swing songs ranging from Patty Loveless and k. d. lang, through The Flamingos, Elvis Presley, and Ricky Nelson, to Bob Wills and Ella Fitzgerald (as well as performing their own originals). Although the band prides itself on its unusual repertoire, high level of musicianship, and tight, exciting arrangements, its true driving force is Margo's beautiful voice and heartfelt lyrical interpretation.

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P. Toille - K. Margo Murphy - Peter Langston - Sue Thompson - Lance Haslund - Mark Drake

The Band

 K. Margo Murphy - vocals - Margo has performed with Cowgirl Revue, The Irish-American Stringband, Orville Johnson, and Scott Nygaard. As leader of the Folklife favorite, Fox Creek, she was a winner in the KMPS Talent Contest (her band members were out of town, so she sang a cappella - and won!) While her work with the K. Margo Trio and nationally-acclaimed guitarist Rick Ruskin reveals her jazz roots, her work with Metro Luna confirms her ongoing commitment to the country and swing genres.

 Peter Langston - lead guitar/synth/vocals - Peter's performing credits include work with such diverse artists as Doc Watson, Chill Wills, and Reverend Gary Davis. He was a founding member of Portland Zoo Electric Band, Metropolitan Opry, Puddle City, and the legendary Entropy Service. Peter writes some of Metro Luna's more, er, ... unusual pieces.

 Sue Thompson - rhythm guitar/vocals - Sue has played in Bluegrass, Swing, Irish, and Balkan music bands including Holly and the Harmonics, Tall Timber, and the New Tranquility String Band. Her most recent recording work is on Mike Seeger's Third Annual Farewell Reunion album (a 1995 Grammy nominee).

 Lance Haslund - electric bass/vocals - A veteran of the Northwest rock and roll, swing, and jazz music scenes, Lance's band credits include 60s nostalgia band Boomerang and jazz quartet Four Moore. He has also performed and recorded with numerous local artists and once owned a candy company (which he gave up to join the band).

 P. Toille - violin - One of the Northwest's premier jazz-country-swing instrumentalists with studio and performance credits too extensive to list. A player of many moods and personalities, Toille adds an element of mystery to the Luna lineup.

 Mark Drake - drums - Mark's studio credits include recordings with Pearl Django and The Michele Dedman Quartet. Mark was a frequent performer on the syndicated radio program, Sandy Bradley's Potluck, on which he performed with The Bobs, Ernestine Anderson, Denny Goodhew, and Barney McClure.

Sound Samples

Here is a sampling of Metro Luna's music:

  •  Timber, I'm Falling in Love (Kostas)

    Metro Luna learned this matter-of-fact love song from Patty Loveless. Although the original chords to this rocker are identical to those in Buddy Holly's song "Everyday", Metro Luna applied a little "folk process" and now it has a driving rock progression all its own.
    here Mpeg .mp3 format (~1.8M, 2:03)

  •  Service Rag (Langston / Hill)

    Service Rag is a Metro Luna original about being in the army and in love at the same time. Peter sings lead while the Lunettes back him up and ask, "How can he sport a smile?"
    here Mpeg .mp3 format (~2.4M, 2:40)

  •  Romance Is A Slow Dance (O'Brien)

    Tim O'Brien wrote this intense buckle-polisher and Margo takes no prisoners with it.
    here Mpeg .mp3 format, (~2.4M, 2:38).

  •  When I Sing (Henderson)

    This is the theme song from a film set in the swing era called "Bye Bye Blues." If you listen closely to the movie soundtrack you can hear one of the Metro Luna band members singing harmony...
    here Mpeg .mp3 format, (~1.6M, 1:46).

    - - -
    Here's what they're saying about Metro Luna

    "a sweet mix of country, jazz, swing"
    "Metro Luna jams[!]"
    "a sweet country-jazzy-swing sound,
    simple in its pop appeal
    yet sophisticated in its execution and musicianship."
    - - - -- the Seattle Times
    - - -
    "First, we wanted music to listen to--and you were great.
    Then, we wanted music to dance to--and the crowd went crazy!
    You made this party!"
    - - - -- Jim & Peggy Dare, Brier, WA
    - - -
    "A fabulous fun feeding frenzy of great music
    suitable for all ages and dance styles."
    - - - -- Ralph Ness, groom
    - - -
    "It wasn't just the best wedding we've ever attended.
    It wasn't just the best party we've ever thrown.
    It was the best wedding we'd ever seen!
    It was the best party we've ever been to!
    That was mostly because of you;
    thanks, Metro Luna!"
    - - - -- Satisfied wedding host
    - - -
    "If the Sonics played as well as Metro Luna,
    the Bulls wouldn't have had a chance!"
    - - - -- Letter from a Metro Luna fan
    - - -
    "You make it easy to get up and dance!
    - - - -- A wedding guest
    - - -
    "It was a delight to host Metro Luna!
    Your upbeat country/swing was a highlight on the Heritage Stage.
    We really enjoyed having you at the Faire...
    I even got to hear my favorite song "Timber"!
    - - - -- Ronda Simons
    - - - Cultural Programs Coordinator
    - - - Kent Parks & Recreation
    - - -
    "That was fantastic! You guys were great.
    You had them in the palm of your hand.
    - - - -- the bride's mother
    - - -
    "Our wedding, well, it was the best.
    And Metro Luna set the stage.
    We danced like crazed weasels.
    No one could stay off the dance floor!"
    - - - -- Erika H. & Herb G.
    (All quotes are genuine.)

    - - -

    For booking information,
    e-mail: MetroLuna@langston.com
    snail-mail: P.O. Box 45191, Seattle, 98145
    telephone: (206) 789-4492
    fax: (206) 524-4922

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