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17 Jan
Dept. of Clarification

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Source: Harper's 2/98


 From a letter to the editor by convicted murderer Brian Hessel in the
 September 3, 1997, issue of Willamette Week, a Portland, Oregon, newspaper.
 The previous May, the paper ran an article describing Hessel's attempt
 to find a mate by advertising himself on a Web site.

Please retract the following errors from your May 14 article:
    1. In the third sentence of the fourth para- graph, you imply that Jack
Hessel is the "owner of Portland's Hessel Tractor." Please retract, He is
the chairman of the board.
    2. In the same sentence you state that I "killed Heidi Dozier in 1988."
I actually did this in October of 1989. Please retract.
   3. Also in the same sentence you state that I killed her "after the pair
smoked a few rocks of crack cocaine." We actually smoked one small $10 rock
of cocaine, not a "few rocks." This al- so implies that I killed her as a
result of drug use when the state's own expert on crack said that this was
impossible. As you well know, but have failed to say in any of the four
articles about me printed in the last seven and a half years, I killed Ms.
Dozier after she bit my penis.  Please retract and clarify.

			Brian Hessel
			Inmate, Oregon Department of Corrections

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