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28 May
HUM: Japanese Product Names (**1/2)

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Tue, 28 May 96 14:40:19 -0700
To: Fun_People
Subject: HUM: Japanese Product Names (**1/2)

Forwarded-by: Keith Bostic <>

NOTE FROM ORACLE: Having been there, I know that these are real.  I ran
across some pretty funny names (at least as funny as these) that I'll have
to find some time.  Meanwhile, enjoy these, and, for the record, Pocari
Sweat isn't that bad of a name for the drink.  I think it kind of tastes
like sweat...

The following are  products in Japan have painful English mistranslations:

"Discover Japanese People Alive in their Festivals!"
	(Japan Travel Bureau travel guide)
Hot Piss (antifreeze spray)
Catch Eye! Catalog Shopping
Cookie Face (cosmetics)
Salad Girl (more cosmetics)
Skin clock for those wishing to become a dog (calendar)
Naive Lady (toilet paper)
Strawberry Crap Dessert (crepes)
Hawaiian Plucked Bread
The Goo (soup)
Crunch Candy "Crundy"
Pork with fresh garbage (cabbage)
Specialist in Deceased Children (diseased)
Extract of Fowl Eggs
Finest Moldy Cheese
Liver Putty (Japanese SPAM)
Chocolate Sand Cookies
My Fanny Toilet Paper
My Pee Diapers
Pee pee pot (teakettle)
VD Facial Cream (Visible Difference)
Nail Remover (nail polish remover)
Pocari Sweat (beverage)

					Submitted by: Marnie K

[NOTE FROM PSL: I don't know whose sweat "ORACLE" has been drinking for a  
comparison, but I remember thinking how un-sweat-like Pocari Sweat was...   
Also, Shouldn't "Crundy" really be "Crunky?" ("Crunky" is an immensely  
popular product in Japan and a funnier word anyway).  And finally, this list  
misses my favorite Japanese fermented (sour) milk drink--"Calpis"--say it  
aloud).  -psl]

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