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24 Jan
MEEM precursors

Date: Mon, 24 Jan 94 17:29:31 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: MEEM precursors

[This isn't a Most Embarrassing E-Mail, but it is an early and excellent
 example of a MEIC (Most Embarrassing Inadvertent Communication).  -psl]

 From "Jazz Anecdotes" by Bill Crow, Oxford University Press

    Johnny Frigo once played a fancy Jewish wedding at the Palmer House in
Chicago, doubling on violin and amplified bass.  His bass was plugged in and
ready to go, lying on the floor next to Barrett Deem's drum set.  Just before
the ceremony of slicing the Challah, one of the spurs on Barrett's bass drum
slipped its moorings, allowing the whole drum set to roll over against the
amplified bass strings.  Johnny said it sounded like World War Three.
    As he reset his drums, Barrett crouched beside his bass drum to adjust the
spur.  The host announced that the rabbi would now say the traditional prayer
over the bread.  Barrett didn't notice the microphone beside the bass drum as
he muttered directly into it, "Fuck the bread, say a prayer for my drums."

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